Project Management

Project Management

Innovatio Systems is experienced at leading and delivering projects of all sizes.

From small, rapidly delivered Agile projects, valued at thousands of pounds to large enterprise wide multi-million pound transformation projects to even larger national business system implementation and transformation programmes valued in the tens of millions of pounds.


We are well versed in many standard best practice delivery techniques and methodologies, such as: Waterfall, Rapid Applications Development (RAD), Prince2 and Managing Successful Programmes (MSP), however, our preferred approach to project delivery and building applications is based on the Industry standard Agile methodology and the principles set by the UK Government’s Digital Service (GDS) Standards.


Our Approach

The approach we take is practical and simple:

  • We start by engaging with all stakeholders, listen to your needs and develop a clear understanding of what is required.
  • Working collaboratively with the business, we define a plan to deliver what you want, within the timescales required and with a clear understanding of what will be achieved and delivered.

Best practice & methodology are only part of successful project delivery. The other key parts include:

  • Setting up and ensuring that there is clear governance for the project
  • Providing timely and accurate reports and updates to ensure there are no surprises and enable informed decisions
  • Building the right team, securing the necessary resources, creating a structured, collaborative and learning environment in which each member of the team learns from the other and delivers their best.
  • Leading, guiding and providing the benefit of knowledge, skills and expertise gained from years of experience in delivering projects.
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The Agile Approach

The advantages of Agile is that it allows for rapid build, test and delivery of solution iterations based on regular feedback. It improves on traditional project delivery by enabling users to see what is being delivered, provide feedback that is then used to improve on the next iteration. It effectively enables continuously learning and improving to build a service that meets the user’s needs.



The phases during an Agile delivery are:


This is typically where high level requirements are produced in the form of User Stories that capture the core functions of the new system you want, be it a straightforward store front web site or a more complex rostering systems. We’d begin mapping the broader service landscape, researching the real needs and problems faced by users, and understanding the policy intent and technology constraints.


In this phase, we begin testing out the initial hypotheses and user stories by building prototypes in code to explore different ways we might be able to meet users’ needs. We’d explore multiple ideas, undertake further user research to learn which approach works best and iterate the solution as we learn more.

This is where a working prototype is created and tested.


The minimum viable product (MVP) is the minimum functional system that delivers on the requirements and user need.

In this phase, we would work with our clients to agree the MVP based on the successful prototype in Alpha. We would then build the beta version as an accessible and secure service and allow the users to trial the beta alongside the existing service. Feedback is gathered to further improve the service.


In Live, all that we have learnt from the first two phases is built upon and the beta version is further tweaked to become the live service as the old services are phased out.


Project Management Office

A well set up and managed Project Management Office (PMO) will provide this effective and consistent management of project costs, resources, planning and delivery processes to support organisations to deal with the demands of undertaking multiple projects.

Successful PMOs make an impact on organisational success by:

  • Providing governance and leadership
  • Aligning project delivery with strategic business goals and priorities
  • Ensuring that every project has an effective PM
  • Implementing an appropriate PM methodology
  • Being consistent in the management and oversight of the project portfolio
  • Obtaining and maintaining company leadership support
  • Providing Reports & Dashboards

Our Services

Project & Programme Managers

Our highly experienced project & managers have all of the capabilities and qualities to successfully guide, manage, and support high-visibility initiatives.

We can provide you with the following resources:

  • Project Managers (Business Change & IT)
  • Programme Managers
  • Project Controllers
  • Project Planners/ Schedulers
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PMO Set up

The set up of your Project/Programme Management Office begins with an assessment of the current environment, your organisation’s culture and operations and the existing (if any) PMO. We then work with you to identify issues and challenges and develop an agreed set of PMO functions and services covering:

  • Governance and communications
  • Project management standards, processes and tools
  • Project & resource Planning & Management
  • Budget and cost control
  • Risk, issues, assumptions and dependency (RAID) management
  • Training & mentoring
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This first step in the GDS based Agile process, which we offer as a unique service in its own right, is all about understanding user need.

This is done through a series of workshops where we meet your users and understand what they are trying to do, how they currently do it, what are the frustrations and problems they experience and what they need as a service to achieve the goal.

Some key activities and output of Discovery include:

  • Business Analysis
  • Journey / process mapping
  • Persona / User stories
  • Wire framing
  • Requirements/Scope document
  • High level plan to begin developing the service/system.


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Business Case Development

One of the first things you need to do when starting a project is writing a Business Case where you define the optimum investment from available options, assess viability and suitability and demonstrate what benefits you will achieve to stakeholders.

Innovatio Systems will work closely with you to help write clear, compelling business cases that:

  • Defines the strategy & goals
  • Identifies and assesses options
  • Identifies and mitigate risks
  • Identifies benefits and Return on Investment (RoI)
  • Presents realistic cost forecasts and cash flow profiles
  • Recommends the option to take forward

We’ll then help navigate the often complex stakeholder environment and approval processes and to establish clear, effective governance to get your project started.

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