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At Innovatio Systems, our software development services encompass a wide range of capabilities and skills to deliver cost effective, scalable and flexible software solutions across a range platforms and infrastructures.   Our capabilities include:

  • Application Development – adding new features to an existing application, augmenting the performance of a database or delivering new reporting capabilities
  • Systems Integration (SI) – benefit from our knowledge and expertise in dealing with common performance, management and development issues when integrating existing systems
  • Legacy Migration and Modernisation – focussing on your business needs, understanding your current systems capabilities and looking for ways to improve longevity, usability, functionality and accessibility.

We are well versed in many standard best practice delivery techniques and methodologies, such as: Rapid Applications Development (RAD), Prince2 and Managing Successful Programmes (MSP). Our preferred approach to project delivery and building applications, however, is based on the Industry standard Agile methodology – specifically, the principles set by the UK Government’s Digital Service (GDS) Standards.

Focusing on open source software, services and standards we work with arrange of technologies that allow for collaboration, ubiquity and provides value for money. We do, however, often also work with bespoke, proprietary and common off-the-shelf (COTS) systems.

We work with and have expertise in the following technologies:


Front End /Website Development Programming Languages Database
Javascript Frameworks
Google SDK for Android
MS SQL Server
NoSQL database
CSS Code Repositories Usability (UX/UI)
Journey / process mapping
Persona / User stories
Wire framing

Our Services

Application Development

Innovatio Systems is well versed in many software development methodologies. We tailor our approach to development by using a blend of methods, typically Agile, Rapid Applications Development (RAD) and Waterfall that best suit our clients’ needs.

This is a complete service that incorporates:

  • Clarifying your requirements (See Discovery above)
  • Designing & building the service/system – including wireframes & prototypes
  • Transparent & collaborative environment – providing regular updates and providing you with visibility of the whole development process.
  • Testing – incorporating all elements of functional and non-functional testing prior to releasing the system for user testing
  • Supporting User Testing – enabling your selected users to access, use and test the system and addressing any issues identified.
  • Deployment – whether to a single office or globally.
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This is the first step in the Government’s Digital Service (GDS) based Agile process we follow, but we also offer it as a unique service in its own right.

Discovery is all about understanding user need. This is done through a series of workshops where we meet your users and understand what they are trying to do, how they currently do it, what are the frustrations and problems they experience and what they need as a service to achieve the goal.

Some key activities and output of Discovery may include:

  • Business Analysis
  • Journey / process mapping
  • Persona / User stories
  • Wire framing
  • Requirements/Scope document
  • High level plan to begin developing the service/system
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Support & Maintenance

This is often the area for the largest IT spend in any company.  At Innovatio Systems, we recognise this and ensure that all of our work is of high quality requiring minimal support. No system, however, is perfect and we offer three level of support:

  • Time and Material (T&M): Also known as the ‘break-Fix’ model – you pay a pre-agreed hourly/daily rate for a technician and any material costs (such as memory, operating platform etc.) to fix any problems or additional requirement you may have.
  • Block Hours: Our clients purchase a fixed number of hours up front, on a monthly or annual basis, allowing them the flexibility to use those hours as they want while realising cost saving through a reduced rate than T&M
  • Fixed Cost Services: An agreed set of services that are delivered on an ongoing basis, with well-defined response and resolution times, for a fixed rate or a flat fee. Typically, these include: project management, 24/7 monitoring of servers, 24/7 issues management and resolution, and on-site visits to resolve issues which cannot be resolved remotely.
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