Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation means different thing to different people, but what most will agree on is that Digital Technology has never been so fundamental, strategic and important as it is in the current digital age.

It is now becoming a core competence for most organisations and is used to create new business models, products and services and to enhance existing offerings and create deeper, more rewarding customer experiences – and as such businesses need to understand what the right technology is, how best to use it and how to successfully implement it.

Digital Technology is multidisciplinary and can help you to better engage with your customers, become more efficient and save money. Some of the digital disruptors – technologies that are commonly referenced during a digital transformation include:

  • Internet of things – ‘billions’ of devices e.g. sensors, cameras, fridges, smart-meters etc. connected to the internet, providing amazing potential – but also immense risk
  • Big Data – There are enormous amounts of data collected over the past decades that is available for analysis and use – but only if you know how?
  • Cloud computing – Using large scale ‘always on, accessible everywhere’ server farms that remove the need for costly infrastructure, hardware and software
  • Mobile Internet – mobile devices are now the primary means of accessing the internet and your ‘online’ presence must take this in to account
  • Open source/open standards – linked to Cloud computing, this is about sharing, modifying and reusing software, systems and applications.

Innovatio Systems can help you understand these latest trends in technology, assess and understand how to best use it in your workplace and support you to develop an effective, flexible and agile ‘digital vision and strategy’, which we will then help you implement and embed properly with a tailored project and change management approach, so that you can achieve and sustain the benefits quickly.

Our Services

Strategy Workshops & Consultancy

Helping you to understand what ‘Digital Transformation’ really is and how it can affect your business is the focus of these workshops. We look at four key areas that you need to focus on:

  • Your strategy – How can you best leverage digital technology?
  • Your people – What impact will it have on your customers, suppliers and employees?
  • Your processes – How can improve your business process, increase efficiency and reduce cost
  • Your technology – What platforms, software and data strategy are best for you?
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Readiness Review

Assessing your organisation’s readiness for Digital Transformation. Reviewing your processes, we’ll focus on the following key elements:

  • Customer experience – How ‘digital’ is your engagement with your customers? What is their experience of you? Is there enough engagement, and if not, how much more can you easily do?
  • Operational agility – How flexible is your business? How can your processes and tools be more efficient? Are you employees sufficiently enabled?
  • Culture and leadership – You can’t change your business, if you and your management team don’t embrace change. We’ll help you to overcome barriers, secure commitment and communicate with your workforce.
  • Digital technology integration – Identifying the right technologies to work with your existing systems and, where necessary, improving your systems
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Digital Transformation Consultancy

Our consultants will work closely with you to understand how you can best benefit from Digitally Transforming your business. We’ll transfer knowledge, guide and support you through the whole process and develop a  tailored programme to include:

  • Inform, Educate and build up the Digital understanding of your leadership team

  • Define a Vision, Digital Transformation Strategy and Roadmap for your business,

  • Review & define new ways to engage with your customers, suppliers and employees.

  • Review & improve your existing business processes

  • Strengthen and accelerate your technology strategy

  • Measure and understand your Digital Transformation success

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