Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

Business intelligence and Data Analytics are often used interchangeably because there is a distinct overlap between them, and you really can’t’ use one without the other.

The distinction between the two is that Business Intelligence is information about your company performance, from the sales you make to how much stock you have, from who your customers are to who your suppliers are, and from how you manage your resources to how you spend. It is typically based on understanding past performance so as to make decisions about the future.

Data Analytics, on the other hand, is the ‘science’ that looks at the information and using statistical analysis, quantitative analysis, data mining, predictive modelling and other technologies and techniques to identify trends and provide information that allows companies to change and grow.

Assessing business performance should be an ongoing process. It helps you identify areas that need to be improved before they become major issues, as well as giving you the opportunity to consider how to respond. This analysis applies to the business as a whole, its individual departments and even to your projects and portfolios.

At Innovatio Systems, we understand both aspects and can provide you with systems that facilitate your understanding of your business – by collecting data, collating it in different forms and categories, conducting the necessary analysis and providing you with reports and indication of your performance against your KPIs. We can implement a variety of systems, tailored to meet your needs and within a few weeks.

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Benchmarking & KPIs

We will work with you to identify the appropriate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure the performance and produce meaningful and accurate benchmarks and data.


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Data Sources, Integration & Analysis

Identifying, integrating and analysing information from relevant data sources from CRM databases, mobile & social media data to API mining and site analytics that will help us understand your digital business.


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Reporting & Dashboards

Once analysed, we’ll present the results and outputs to you in a usable, easy digestible format such as dashboards, graphics and data visualisation techniques.
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