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with agility, collaboration & pragmatism

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Our Services

Project Delivery

With our combined experience of over 50 years of delivering projects and programmes of all sizes and complexity, our approach, to project delivery is to work collaboratively with businesses to determine their needs, confirm that their projects and initiatives have clear benefits and meet their strategic objectives; and provide the skills and knowledge to drive long-lasting business transformation

Project Management
Portfolio Management
Project Assurance & Recovery

Business Change

We support organisations to evolve and improve in response to internal changes and external trends and threats, as well as to take advantage of new opportunities. We believe that People are at the centre of all successful change and our approach is realistic, achievable and measurable, and above all, collaborative and designed to avoid failure and affect positive change.

Change Management
Digital Transformation
Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

Digital Solutions

At Innovatio Systems, we understand the need for simple and effective applications and systems to support the growth and success of a company. Our team of digital specialists and project managers has over 50 years’ experience of delivering work and projects for organisations, large and small in both the Private and Public sectors; and we don’t compromise on excellence, quality or satisfaction.

Software Development
Website Design
Web Presence & Digital Marketing

“…going that extra mile, always adding value”

Case Studies

Project Management


  • To rescue an ailing systems development project & deploy across the country


  • Refocussed and recommitted governance
  • Rebuilt project team & secured funding
  • Undertook OJEU tendering for development partner
  • DevOps environment for Agile/RAD delivery


  • Developed the new system on time & to quality (if not quite on budget)
  • Phased deployment in 40 stages across the country
  • The system has resulted in benefits of over £2.5 million per year

Business Process Improvement


  • To improve invoicing processes & reduce £10 million of unpaid debt


  • Updated & improved financial forecasting and budgeting models
  • Streamlined data collection & automated business processes
  • Automated orders, invoice and payment processes using existing technology to minimise change


  • Improved forecasting & budgeting processes to reduced resource requirements by 80%.
  • Reduction of unpaid deficit from over £10m to under £150k

Digital Solution


  • To build a new e-Rostering system for Doctors & Nurses to meet new contract & EU Regulations


  • Organised national user workshops to define core requirements.
  • Set up an Agile project to deliver discrete packages of the new system
  • Built multiple development teams that were able to flex depending on demand


  • Developed the new system that improved usability and saved time
  • The system was tested and approved by users as it was developed enabling immediate deployment
  • The system has been rolled out to over 150 hospitals in the UK